We have the Osviitta service point in Rovaniemi that sell all ticket types for local buses. 

You can get and load the first Waltti travel card at the Osviitta service point or at Waltti web shop. The card can be reloaded at Osviitta, Waltti ticket machine, R-kiosks (Ounasvaarantie 15, Koskikatu 20 and Pohjolankatu 13), on the buses and online

The Waltti travel card costs 5 euro and loading 3 euro at Osviitta and R-kiosks, 4 euro on the buses. There is no service fee at web shop and ticket machine.

Waltti self-service ticket machine is located in Shopping Center Rinteenkulma next to the entrance to Osviitta. You can buy single tickets and 24-hour tickets for local transport, as well as season tickets and value downloads for your Rovaniemi Waltti travel card.

The Waltti Mobile app can be downloaded from your phone’s app store (Android, iOS). Using mobile app you can buy single tickets and 24-hour tickets.


Osviitta Service Point

Address: Shopping Center Rinteenkulma, Koskikatu 25, 2nd floor.

Opening hours: Mon–Thu 9–16.30, Fri 9-15.30 / 7.6.-30.7.2021 Mon-Thu 9-16, Fri 9-15.

Contact: info.osviitta@rovaniemi.fi, tel. 016 322 6800

Matkahuolto, bus station

Address: Lapinkävijäntie 2, matkahuolto.fi/service-points

The sale of Waltti travel cards and tickets has ended at Matkahuolto in Rovaniemi at the end of February 2021.